The Team

David Hookham

Company Director

Responsibilities: Design Engineer, Estimating, Scaffold Inspector, Recruitment, Part 2 Scaffolder, Purchasing  Health and Safety, Managing company vehicles

Has 40 years of scaffolding experience, has been company Director of Altitude Scaffolding for 30 years

Jake Hookham

Estimator/ Trainee Manager

Responsibilities: Estimating, Scaffold Inspector, Trainee Supervisor, Trainiee Design Consultant

Has 7 years scaffolding experience

Part 2 Scaffolder

Gary Foley

Operations Manager

 Responsibilities: Estimating, Scaffold Inspector, Design Engineer, First Aid, Site Supervisor.

Has 35 years of scaffolding experience.

Shemayne Kelly

Office and Accounts Manager

Overall responsibility of the running of the office and accounts functions

Worked in Accounts, HR & Payroll within the Construction Industry for over 18yrs, starting out in London and has now been at Altitude for over 12 yrs

Lauren Simmonds

Office Administrator

Role is to support Shemayne in the day to day running of the office and accounts

A relatively new team member, working with Altitude for just over 6 months

Comes from a Sales and Promotional background